Programming in the Age of Cloud

The evolution of computer programming languages from machine code to high-level languages is generally well understood. But did you know that a similar advancement is taking place in the world of Cloud infrastructure programming right now? “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) is not even 10 years old and paradigm shifts abound. Most recently, AWS introduced the Cloud Development Kit (CDK), which combines the convenience of CloudFormation with the power of general-purpose programming languages. In this talk we will provide a general overview of the IaC landscape with focus on Terraform and the CDK. Expect live demos, code snippets, and practical examples of how you can use these tools in your own production environments. If you have ever wondered how you could deploy your infrastructure reproducibly, using powerful abstractions, and without drowning in YAML files, this is the talk for you. This talk is aimed at developers who have working familiarity with at least one public cloud service. Some concepts will be reviewed briefly.

Session at Big Techday