Creating a Data-Driven, Cloud-Native Ecosystem at the BMW Group

Together with Josef Viehhauser.

The BMW Group decided to re-architect and move its on-premises data lake to the Amazon Web Services Cloud. The Cloud Data Hub (CDH) processes and combines anonymized data from vehicle sensors and other sources across the enterprise to make it easily accessible for internal teams creating customer-facing and internal applications, now and in the future. Currently, millions of BMW and Mini vehicles are connected to the CDH via BMW Group’s highly secure backend, processing terabytes of anonymous telemetry data daily. The company uses this data to monitor vehicle health indicators such as check control errors to identify potential issues across vehicle lines ahead of time. This enables the BMW Group to leverage fleet data ingested, collected, and refined from the CDH to better resolve issues, even before they impact customers. TNG has been supporting this project for roughly one year. Join Josef and Max for a whirlwind tour of the CDH’s vision, its challenges and technical solutions.

Session at Big Techday